What is Tiny Town Texas?

Tiny Town Texas is a type of miniature utopia where dreams are big and houses are small. Inside this tiny house wellness village, brave pioneers are showing Texans that bigger isn’t always better. Since 1990, housing sizes have doubled and prices have quadrupled, leading to the nation’s “affordable housing crisis.” According to CNN Business, more than half of Americans would like to downsize and live in 600 sq ft or less. The growth of this movement is stunted by the banking industry and zoning and planning laws inside cities. 68% of tiny house owners today have no mortgage, which is great, but those who need financing find it a challenge to attain a loan. There’s a big movement to legalize tiny houses across the nation, but until then, the best solutions are tiny house communities like Tiny Town Texas. 

Email us if you have any questions: shari@hillcountrytinyhouses.com

Our Mission

We believe an authentic community of wellness offers almost everything our heart has been asking for all along. At the core of our being is a longing to belong and to bring value that contributes to the greater good. Without true wellness in body, soul, and spirit, we cannot accomplish this. Physical, financial, personal, and environmental wellness are the 4 pillars you experience with “holistic wholeness” or a state of “whole-hearted thriving.”

What's New

We’ve found our little patch of paradise in Kerrville, TX and closed on the property! We can’t wait to break ground on this property and kick it off. It’s been a long journey to find the right piece of land for this project and while the journey is only just beginning, we are so excited for the progress we’ve made. We’ve begun designing the homes we will build in the community and drawing up some layout designs. If you’d like to be a part of this revolutionary community, you can fill out an Application now to be on the top of the list when we start selling lots and homes.

There’s also a beautiful 12 acre piece of property located in Brenham, TX being turned into a Tiny House Community/RV Resort with a barn and paddock. The views from this property are absolutely gorgeous and can’t wait to see how it turns out. If you’re interested in learning more about this property and how you can be a part of this community, email us at shari@hillcountrytinyhouses.com