Welcome to the pop-up coffee shop!

Brought to you by the makers of HGTV’s Tiny Paradise S2E5 comes the original Tiny Town Coffee Shop! A pop-up coffee shop with a modern design and vintage flair that invites customers in to the experience of sharing coffee with friends in the most unique and ‘Instagrammable’ environment around!

Have you always dreamed of owning a coffee shop? Of drinking in that sweet scent of coffee every morning while helping others get their morning fix? This unique, one-of-a-kind coffee house may just be the answer to those dreams.

Become an instant coffee shop owner for a fraction of the cost and almost none of the hassle. Be the first to own the original Tiny Town Coffee House before they “pop-up” all over Texas and beyond!

Offering a unique experience, customers can literally “walk through” a drive thru or sit on the outdoor seating patio or enjoy some amazing coffee with the best view in town – from on top of the coffee shop. This tiny coffee shop offers a traditional drive thru as well so everyone can get their coffee fix! With seating available for 6 inside and up to 12 outside, this tiny coffee house has something for everyone.

We plan to have a franchise model all across the state of Texas and beyond and each owner will be the talk of the town! Serve coffee at: festivals, concerts, events, weddings, birthday parties, Texas beach parties (only requires $12 beach permit), etc.

26′ Price: $73,000

16′ Price: $54,700

*Costs are subject to change based on the cost of lumber

You’ll have the benefit of being the new kid in town and a unique shop to boot! Being mobile will allow you to travel and work from anywhere that you can drive to. Being mobile offers endless possibilities. Decided to move to a new area or even a different state? Your business moves with you. Not making enough revenue in your current location? Pick a new spot and set up shop! Going on vacation and want to take work with you? No problem!

Worried about how you’ll handle marketing your new business venture? We’ve got you covered!

You may use our logo and branding and even hire our own Marketing/Graphic Artist for social media advertising and promotional materials.

*We will provide health department guidelines and guide you through licensing and permits as it was built to Texas codes6

Let's talk financing

We always get questions about financing and have clients wanting us to help walk them through the process of finding financing options. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with a company called Hearth to offer in-house financing! We can’t wait to be able to help you all live the life of your dreams, embracing freedom, simplicity, and adventure in your dream tiny house!

What about the details?

Tiny Town has partnered with Moose Mountain Goods to bring you a delicious coffee blend, exclusive to Tiny town!  Moose Mountain is a coffee roastery owned and operated by a Fire Captain and his family and specializing in hand-crafted coffee.  This special blend was developed specifically for Tiny Town and its customers to enjoy!  This signature blend is perfection, with notes of chocolate, citrus, caramel and granola!

What makes Moose Mountain Goods coffee different? Their coffee is sustainably sourced and Q graded for specialty coffee. Each batch is roasted in a craft coffee roaster with a roaster operating the machine to ensure its roasted to perfection according to its place of origin.

With such a small space, you only need 2 employees to efficiently run the drive through or walk through and serve any walk-in customers. This means you should have an easier time hiring a few employees and have less overhead costs.

Buy our ready-for-use 26′ coffee shop complete with equipment, paper supplies, and the option to purchase the Tiny Town Coffee name, logo, website, and social media accounts. We have 2 local TV Media contacts looking to do a story on the coffee shop which we can direct you to as well. 

Available upgrades: reversed osmosis water purifier, custom mugs, custom t-shirts, custom labeled coffee, and graphic art designs.


  • Modern design with Vintage flair
  • 5′ Cherry wood bar and small Cherry wood serving shelf
  • 26 foot custom built low trailer ideal for drive thru
  • Custom built 8×8 steel porch and 8×8 balcony seating with a steel staircase
  • 2 sets of hinged fold-up stairs for travel
  • Rough sawn cedar wood siding and Hawaiian blue steel siding
  • Copper steel roof
  • 4×4 black frame drive-thru window
  • 2 black frame 4×5 picture windows
  • 2 bars under windows – seats 6 
  • Laminate counter tops and bar tops that look like concrete
  • Wired 100 amp panel
  • Black one light entry door with keyless electronic pad
  • White shiplap walls
  • Whitewashed shiplap ceiling
  • Mini split heat/AC unit (Mr. Cool) runs on 110
  • Black tank, 40 gallons
  • Potable water tank, 33 gallons, water pump, water filter inside back garage
  • Weight: 10,000  pounds, can be hauled with F-150 or Suburban/Expedition SUV (V8 engine)
  • Lifeproof luxury vinyl flooring, sterling oak, is 100% waterproof and has lifetime warranty so zero worries
  • Separate 15″ hand washing sick (per health Dept. code)
  • 3 acacia wood floating shelves (1 48″ and 2 24″)
  • Vintage blue penny tile backsplash and pony wall
  • Electric on-demand hot water heater
  • 6 total USB plug sets
  • 1 dimmer switch
  • 6 can lights (4 have eyeballs to highlight the menu board and wall art)
  • 2 pendant lights with vintage bulbs over bartop/order area
  • Bluetooth speaker light in ceiling
  • Exterior Edison lights controlled by interior switch
  • 2 exterior plugs on top balcony
  • Small electric water heater
  • Soft close doors great for travel
  • 3×4 chalk board framed and ready for menu board
  • Red vintage Frigidaire mini fridge/freezer
  • Red Astra commercial espresso machine

Note: there’s plenty of space available in the coffee shop to add an soft serve ice cream/yogurt machine or italian ice machine