• Hearth: We are now partnering with Heart to get you in-house financing as quickly and painlessly as possible! To get started with this process, reach out to us (830) 285-5909 or   Learn more now
  • PayPal Loan Builder: (800) – 347 – 5626. It may be helpful to combine one or two personal loans to complete your project.
  • LightStream: a division of SunTrust Bank, Lightstream is a financing option for tiny homes. No fees, no down payment, easy online application, funding is released 24 hours after approval and you can find rates as low as 5.74%.
  • First Financial Bank: (up to $75,000)
    • 625+ Credit Score
    • 12-72 Months
    • $500-75K
    • No Cash down requirements
    • Automatic business decisions during business hours – appx 10 minutes
    • 6.99-18.99%

It can be daunting to sift through the many options and spend time researching all the companies so we’ve done some of that research for you and found a few great options for insurance for tiny homes.

  • Darrell Grenz out of Portland, OR provides insurance for tiny homes on wheels, foundation, skids, and can extend to DIY tiny houses, RVIA, and more. His coverage extends to most states in the US and you can receive a free quote now.
  • Martin Burlingame from Strategic Insurance Agency is based out of Colorado Springs and offers a full suite of insurance products for tiny houses including DIY builds, tiny businesses, ADUs, rentals, AirBnbs, etc. He can also offer insurance products in nearly all states in the US, the best way to reach him is at (719) – 602 – 6066 or visit his website here.
  • Michael Carmona in Portland, OR is a Farmers Insurance agent and offers tiny house coverage in 40 states. He requires no inspections, even on DIY builds and can be reached at (917) – 238 – 2502. View his website here.
  1.  Search Tiny House Villages is one of the best resources for placement options across the nation. We are friends with the founder, Jill Kanto.
  2. This website has multiple options:
  3. this is a great resource, just type in the location and search for places to park, or rent a tiny house to “try before you buy”.
  6. Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village
  7. Enchanted Woodlands, South Austin. Contact Eduardo, 512-600-1350. OFF GRID, ON WHEELS ONLY.
  8. Open Air Resort, Spicewood, TX. Todd and I toured this and it’s very nice near Lake Travis, with pickleball courts, sand volleyball, pool, fishing pond, and clubhouse. Rent is about $700 a month, bring your own tiny house. Great place to rent a tiny house to test it out for a weekend too. or call 512-559-4284.
  9. Medina, Texas. Rocky Point Retreat Must be 50 years or older. Can rent or buy lots to park a tiny home. It’s really beautiful here and very remote. Contact George: 210-413-9216

  10. Medina, Texas. Skyline Ranch RV Resort,

  11. Bandera, Texas. We have personally parked our tiny house here and had a wonderful time.

  12. The Village at River Pointe/Hickory Hills Camp Resort. LOCATION ADDRESS: 499 Dixie Hill Road Spencer, Indiana 47460 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: Rv OWN OR RENT

  13. Guyton, GA . LOCATION ADDRESS: Green Bridge Farm: 1302 Zittrouer Rd, Guyton, GA 31312 TYPE OF TH: Foundation TYPE OF ZONING: Rv OWN

  14. Bridesville, British Columbia. LOCATION ADDRESS: Wheatgrass Tiny House Community: 36 Timberwolf Trail Rd, Bridesville British Columbia TYPE OF TH: Wheels 

  15. Mason & Grays Harbor, WA. LOCATION ADDRESS: Washington State: Mason and Grays Harbor County WA, 98526 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: Single Family Residential.

  16. Debary, FL. LOCATION ADDRESS: Florida: 488 W Highbanks DeBary FL 32713 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: RV OWN OR RENT

  17. Chiefland, FL. LOCATION ADDRESS: Florida: 1250 NW 82 Ct, Chiefland FL 32626 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: RV OWN OR

  18. Ruskin, FL. LOCATION ADDRESS: Florida: 302 24th St SE, Ruskin FL 33570 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: RV OWN OR

  19. Inman, SC. LOCATION ADDRESS: South Carolina: 200 Lowe Lane, Inman SC 29349 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: RV OWN OR

  20. Rodeo, NM. ADDRESS: New Mexico: 19 San Angelo, Rodeo NM 88056 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: RV OWN OR


    LOCATION ADDRESS: Texas: 5907 FM 1962 Blue Ridge 75452 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: Single Family Residential OWN


    Off Grid only, 1 block from the beach

    LOCATION ADDRESS: Texas: 526 S Quail Run, Port Lavaca Tx 77979 TYPE OF TH: Wheels TYPE OF ZONING: Single Family

We spend time with you discussing your vision and what you want in your tiny home and answer any questions you may have. Then we take all that information and we turn it into a 3D digital design so you can see exactly what your tiny home will look like.

It typically takes 12-14 weeks to build a custom tiny home.

Our 384 sq ft tiny home takes us less than an hour to clean.

In our opinion – absolutely! It’s a simple and easy way to add square footage to your tiny home.

Yes they are. Not every RV park or city/town accepts them and it may require jumping through a few extra hoops but is overall completely worth it.

One of the difficulties with tiny homes is storage. As tiny home dwellers ourselves, we completely understand that. That’s why we do our best to work storage into each of our designs, whether that means a hydraulic lift bed with storage underneath, pull out storage in the kitchen, storage in the stairs, etc.

Absolutely! We’ve lived tiny for 3 years and it has changed our lives dramatically. We have more freedom, more money, and have grown closer as a family unit. We travel all over the country from the comfort of our own home

No! We build custom tiny homes that you can place on land, no wheels involved! We call them park models and they are easily customizable to fit your needs. The benefits of park model tiny homes is that they can be much larger, can be installed on your land so you don’t have to worry about finding places to park it, and are more customizable than mobile tiny homes because there are far less restrictions.

Yes! If you only want a tiny house blueprint/design, we can certainly help with that. We offer customized tiny house designs starting at $400.

We can certainly work with that! If you want to be the one to finish out the home, we are more than happy to build the tiny house shell for you. This can be a great way to cut down on cost or be a big part of the project yourself.

The biggest difference is in the materials. RV’s aren’t built to last, the average life of an RV that is lived in full-time is 5 years. A tiny house, on the other hand, is built using the same materials as a regular home. We don’t cut corners so you can rely on the stability and utility of your tiny home, something that will last you for decades to come.


Do not fill out this form if you’re a solicitor.

So you wanna buy a tiny home? Four steps to your dream tiny home:

  • Step One: secure your financing so you know your budget.
  • Step Two: secure your location to park your tiny home. Will you buy land? Park in a family or friend’s backyard, or a Rv park or community? See more info at this blogpost:
  • Step Three: choose your builder. You can schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Hill Country Tiny Houses to discuss your project. We will use your budget and needs as the guideline. If you wish a custom design, we offer that too. (At this phase, you may want to schedule a tour of one of our homes and/or you may want to book a weekend stay in a tiny home to confirm it’s the right decision for you.)
  • Step Four: now you’re ready to dive in and make your big dreams come true! We collect a $2,000 deposit to start your project. This will be credited back when you place your final order. We start designing your custom home with our software, the floor plan, the elevations, choosing colors and finishes, all the fun stuff!
  • Step Five: 50% down to start your build and 50% two weeks before we are finished. Allow at least 12 -14 Weeks to complete your project. We can deliver it or you can pick it up.