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Dream big in a tiny house

Upsize your life ~ Downsize your space for Freedom, Simplicity and Adventure.

We help families downsize for a more meaningful lifestyle. Our family designed and built our own 384 square feet of luxury on wheels to replace the forever 2200 square foot home to become debt free, travel more and grow our family business together. Our motto is: Shrink your house, NOT your dreams.

We are passionate about our work and leaving a legacy. We launched our company in 2016. Our flagship model, The Vintage Retreat, received immediate fame worldwide. Daily Mail, The Sun, New Atlas, and other national and local magazines and companies featured our story and product. Instagram named our house In the “top 10 most popular” tiny homes of 2017.

The episode, Tiny Texas Oasis on HGTV’s Tiny Paradise, featured our family building our tiny house in Mason, Texas. Follow our journey and watch the episode at