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Building Environmentally Healthy Communities

Todd and I just spent the most enjoyable afternoon with Perry Bigelow of He came to tour the tiny house we live in and shared a wealth of wisdom from his 40 year career as a developer of more than 2,000 homes in Aurora, ILL, San Marcos, TX and Kyle, TX.

Perry has received all kinds of national awards for sustainability, responsibility and eco friendly communities. He designs communities to foster relationships and raise healthy kids in a safe environment where the young engage with the old and children have safe park areas to play in with other children in the front courtyard space shared by the community instead of a high fenced back yard all alone. The children here actually prefer to play outside than to be indoors with their iphones and x boxes. Can you imagine?

We were blown away with the thoughtful design and psychology behind every detail in his communities. I think you will be too. Enjoy the video!

Excerpt from their website: “Imagine for a moment that you are in your new home. You step out your front door onto a large porch and look out to see children playing catch in a spacious green park or trying to climb one of the many beautiful trees. Your neighbors across the park wave hello from their porches while the scent of roses from the park drifts over to you in the breeze. Your friend next door steps out to walk her dog and you invite her to sit with you for a cup of coffee. You enjoy the friendly conversation while the sound of children laughing, chatter from other porches and the wind in the trees melds in the background.”