Insurance for a tiny house?

Darrell Grenz out of Portland, OR provides insurance for tinys on wheels, foundations, skids, and can also extend coverage for DIY tiny houses, builder’s risk (coverage during your build), rental occupied tiny houses, tiny house communities, RVIA, and even earthquake coverage for THOWs in California. His coverage extends to most states in the US.  For a free quote, visit 

Martin Burlingame from Strategic Insurance Agency is based out of Colorado Springs and also offers a full suite of insurance products for tiny houses including DIY builds, tiny businesses, ADUs, rentals, AirBnB, RVIA, etc. He can also offer insurance products in nearly all states through a variety of carriers. The best way to reach him is by calling (719) 602-606 free quote here:

Michael Carmona in Portland, OR, is a Farmers Insurance agent and offers tiny house coverage in 40 states. He requires no inspections, even on DIY builds.    971-238-2502