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How do you fit a swing in a tiny house?

A client of ours was featured on Tiny House Nation April 17. “Two Turntables and a Tiny House”. Season 5, Episode 6. Follow them @Thetinybonnielou on Instagram.

We built this tiny house shell for a beautiful family of 4 during the
summer of 2018 so that they could embrace tiny living and the freedom it brings. We met them during the Tiny House Jamboree in October 2017
where they toured our Vintage Retreat tiny home.
In January of 2018, their family travelled from Dallas and rented the
Vintage Retreat on Airbnb to try before they buy and confirm their decision. They loved it and within 6 weeks, placed their order for a shell. (By the way, when you rent one of our tiny houses, the amount you spent is issued as a refund when you place an order with HCTH).
Their main goal was to live debt free, have the ability to travel, and to
free themselves from material holds. They found that they were
collecting too much stuff; stuff they didn’t need and didn’t use. The
solution to their problem was simple: find a house that’s small and that
you can travel with.

That’s where we come in. We worked with them to build a custom trailer, frame and shell that closely matched the design of The Bohemian
Bungalow. It sits on a custom 32-foot gooseneck trailer with 2 slide-outs
for a total of 385 square feet. 

To save money, the Rosas decided to put the finishing touches on this
home themselves. This left Todd to build the frame and the shell as well as put in the rough plumbing and electrical. Once that was finished we
delivered it to the Rosas where they and Zack Griffin from Tiny House
Nation finished it out. Tiny House Nation sought us out, asking what we were working on and we sent them to the Rosas to check out their build and the rest is history!

During their research process, the Rosas brought their 2 young sons with them to Kerrville to rent The Vintage Retreat tiny home on AirBnb to see if they really could ‘live tiny.’ One life-changing weekend later and they were ready to build their dream tiny home with us! It took several more months to finalize design plans and for them to downsize before we
began the building process. They also received a full refund from their
stay with in our tiny home as a thank you from us after they placed their order. 

When our clients asked us if we’d like to receive credit, we told them to do whatever was best for them. There are a lot of rules that have to be followed when filming. When we filmed for HGTV, we weren’t allowed to have logos on our clothes or equipment and when Todd mentioned our company name in the interview, it didn’t make it in the final cut. If you noticed, our company wasn’t mentioned in the credits either, which was a great disappointment to us in the end but that’s show biz and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity!

If you liked the tile in our Bohemian Bungalow you’ll really love the tile in this tiny house. Watch the Rosas as they build out their dream tiny home near Dallas, TX. Tony is a DJ so it was important to incorporate some of those elements in the design-you’ll never believe where they stored his equipment and records. One of our favorite design pieces of this home was the inclusion of an indoor swing for their 2 young boys. That’s the brilliant Zach Griffin for ya!

Zack and John are in cowboy country as they set out to help a family of four who are preparing to move out of their large house near Dallas and into a tiny house. First-time homeowners Tony and Lori have two young sons who are growing fast, so John and Zack set out to maximize every square inch of space. But when they learn that the kids are home schooled, and that Tony has a sentimental record collection he just can’t part with, they’ll have to find new ways make this tiny house fit for this fun-loving family.

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