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Our Objective is to design and develop beautiful inspiring communities for families to thrive in for years to come.  

Our Passion is building healthy communities that are more than a place to be ~ a place to belong. 

Our Mission is building Joy-filled communities (high performance teams and individual’s dreams) by connecting and empowering people.

Our Core Value is high levels of collaboration emphasizing 3 key things:  Strengths, Unity, and Humility.

Our Goal is to attract, build, and maintain high-performance teams through collaboration to accomplish more with less so everyone wins!   

*More productivity, more fun, more profits with less employees, less stress, less micro-managing, less waste (time and $$).

Our Strategy


  1. Build an environment with land, homes, and amenities that help to foster vibrant relationships and provides a place to belong.  
  2. Inspire fun with activities and involvement through leadership, events, personal growth, and group learning courses, etc.
  3. Duplicate this first successful model in Kerrville, Texas, across Texas and the nation 

Marketing Strategy

Relationship Marketing, Word of mouth referrals, growing our online community of more than 37,000 loyal fans right now.  

Measures of our success

1.  Community Growth: ie. “not only do we sell out before we’re finished, but there’s always a long waiting list to get in because word spreads.”

2.  Additional markers:  Vibrant Relationships, Transformation, Belonging, Restoration, Healing, Joy, Miracles…

About Shari

Shari is an advocate for wellness, people, and community building.

Shari is an advocate for wellness, people, and community building.  As a lifestyle wellness coach, her holistic approach includes practical solutions for body, soul, and spirit.  As the Chief Hope Giver for Tiny Town Texas, her mission is to help people trade space, stuff, and stress, for freedom, simplicity and adventure.

For the last 14 years, Shari has held an Executive Director position inside a now 3 billion dollar company (they were half a billion when she joined them) amongst the top 10% producers/leaders. She recruited and trained a sales team of about 40 leaders nationwide and helped them generate $1.7 million in profits for their families.  

Her team consistently produces an annual revenue for the parent company of more than one million dollars, with a customer base of nearly 1400 monthly shoppers, and a 97% reorder rate. Along with Todd, their award wining designs for floor plans, space-saving innovations, and interior design, have been featured on magazines and TV shows. 

  • Create Culture and Buy in for Teams (recruit, train and maintain talent for highest efficiency and loyalty)
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Curated a furniture/decor line to offer as an upgrade

About Todd

Todd has been building and remodeling homes since 2003. He was one of the first and only innovators to engineer steel frame slide outs in a tiny home. Other innovations in the tiny house industry proves to buyers that he thinks outside the box. You will often hear him answer a crazy request, “Sure, we can do that! Maybe it hasn’t been done before, but I’m sure it’s  possible.”  

  • Excels at customer service and client satisfaction as well as apprenticing young men to acquire new trade skills
  • Leadership style as a General Manager pulls out the best in crews to be more productive. 

The family’s journey

Shari and Todd, along with their son, Andrew, are Tiny House Dwellers, Designers, and Builders. In 2017, they downsized from 2200 square feet to 384, to embrace minimalism, start a family business, and pioneer a movement. In 2018, their family was on HGTV’s Tiny Paradise, showing how they built their own tiny home. They are passionate about building environmentally healthy communities that are more than a place to be ~ a place to belong. They are on a mission to help people “shrink their house, not their dreams”.

Our Advisory Team

  • Bruce Stracke, Brinkman Commercial, Land Developer
  • Clint Fiore, CEO of Texas Business Buyers 
  • Charles Grueb, Hospitality expert, Gourmet Chef
  • Raymond Lunsford, owner of The Dienger Trading Co., Boerne, TX
  • Bill Lucas, San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Developer