Welcome A Fellow Minimalist

Last October, Todd and I had a fun conversation with Josh Grimley at the five star resort our company invited the leaders to for R and R, networking, and training.  We were hanging out in the hot tub (Andrew was with us too) and Josh wanted to know all about our venture to “go tiny”.  We could tell he was ready for a change and as I read his FB post below, just 6 months later, I told him I was so proud of his courage to downsize, and become a minimalist too!  

“Kissing stress, overwhelm, high mortgage debt, wrong priorities and values goodbye was one of the best things we did as a family and we’ll never go back! It made me smile to welcome Josh and his family into the world of minimalism! 

Will you be next?  What are you waiting for?  A whole new life can be yours for the taking.”

Josh’s FB Post today: 

“I started my business 6 yrs ago; the last 3 have been on cruise control as I enjoyed being a stay at home dad with my wife.  I made the decision to get back in the drivers seat and not only get back to my grind, but go 10X, eliminate all distractions from my life.  My life consists of Family, Friends that add value to my life, and my business.  I downsized and became a minimalist. There was so many things in my life I thought would add value that in the end doesn’t.  I thought spending money like it’s going out of style would make me happy. I blew through a million dollars the past few yrs and realized I should have listened to my mentors, paid off all my possessions & mortgage to live a debt free life 3 yrs ago. I made the hard decision for my family to sell our big house since we weren’t using half of it & buy a house we would actually use. It wasn’t an easy decision as having a theatre room was nice for the once every few months we would actually use it but it really didn’t add value to my life. Every decision from here on out is, “Does this add value to my families life?”  If it doesn’t, I don’t do it. 

I realized money doesn’t make me happy. The more money I have the more I spend on things I don’t need.

What makes me happy is serving, helping and changing others lives. Giving them hope and bringing the sparkle back in their lives. 

I built my business in the beginning to make money, lots and lots of it and I have. Now I am building my business 10X bigger and will make 10X more but not for the sake of money but for helping others. 

Jacki and I have set up a non profit to help families going through medical trials such as Liver transplants, Cancer Treatments etc. 

We will be 100% debt free by the end of the year including our mortgage. 

Nothing brings happiness in my life more than helping others and spending quality time with my wife and kids.”

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