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Tiny House Show and Zach Griffin

Thank you to all who came to tour our tiny house at the Austin 2019 show this last weekend! Our family had so much fun meeting you and we were so blessed by all the positive feedback. Once again, the people voted the Hill Country build their top favorite in the show!

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Do you recognize these guys? Do you recognize the house behind us?

They co-host Tiny House Nation and are great advocates for the good of the tiny house people and with Operation Tiny Homes for Veterans. Tiny House Nation reached out to us to find a good client for a show. We were building a shell for a sweet family in Dallas. They were a perfect fit. They helped our client finish their tiny House on the show. It was beautiful! Did you see the episode, “two turntables and a tiny house” last season? Search for it on Netflix and watch tonight! It was fun to give them a tour at the Austin tiny house show.
Zach Giffin and John Weisbarth. #operationtinyhomes