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Wanted: Landowners and/or Investors

WARNING: the following contains vulnerable content I’ve never shared publicly!


(Or you may want to read only the words in bold.)

If you’d like to benefit from Tiny Town as a resident, please submit a Letter of Intent.
If you’d like to benefit from the perspective of investor or landowner, we encourage you to text Shari at 830-285-5909 for details to see if

A. your land meets the qualifications or
B. if it’s a good fit for both parties. 
If so, we can partner with you to complete a project or you can hire us to create a turn-key profit making development to your land whether for vacation rentals or full-time dwelling.  Throughout history, those who took risks and helped solve very large problems for society reaped huge rewards! 

Will you sit on the edge in your own comfort or will you dive in to help solve the housing shortage afflicting our nation, especially millennials and middle aged single women? We have a waiting list of qualified individuals ready to move in!

Our Tiny Town Model not only solves that challenge, but also the need for community and healthy relationships, a place to belong, sustainability, and total wellness for body, soul and spirit. The more people you serve and the better you serve them determines your level of success. Now is a great time to join our mission!

The Hill country of Texas

I’m not gonna lie, we’ve been very discouraged at the many challenges we’ve faced not only as entrepreneurs of a start up company, but as you know, the tiny house industry is a disruptive industry by it’s very nature and trying to build a community presents a whole new set difficulties…

The brave pioneers forging the way do not come out without scars from battle wounds. We get to talk with many leaders in the industry across the nation; each one bearing scars. Like a brave soldier, they keep going.  Challenges come from the banking industry and the jurisdiction and zoning of land. Just this week, I sat down with the president of a large Texas bank (a friend of ours). He was very hopeful as they are a creative lender.  Still, there are some hurdles to overcome.  Our Tiny Town Model solves the problems for our clients and the banks.  Yet, finding the right land is the last problem we have to solve.
The acreage in Kerrville we had already broken ground and were so excited about, could not be re-zoned to residential. 

Our family run business

Our encouragement today came from a private meeting with the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Kerrville. They sought us out and asked for this meeting to discuss affordable housing. They gave us a free $600 membership as well. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Together, we will explore working with the city to solve their housing shortage. The pain was already great, but now with 500 new jobs coming to a town of 23,000, they know it has to take top priority.
We have such big dreams to create a sustainable community where tiny enthusiasts (including our own family) can live the life of their dreams and achieve total wellness and vibrant healthy relationships.

We promise we will keep you posted.

We appreciate each one of you from the bottom of our hearts! You are the reason we don’t and won’t give up!! The next generation is the reason we must not quit! The legacy we can all leave is the reason we will prevail TOGETHER!! Fill out the LOI form below if you want to join our mission!!