Sweethearts for Life

Oh the adventures  this man has given me. Our motto is “I dream it and he builds it” He delights in making my dreams come true! He’s built me 4 dream houses with his own two hands. I say Romance is anything you do for the sake of love. We have really world changing dreams on the horizon! The love story’s just beginning and there ain’t no one else I’d rather grow old with….#truelove #valentine #romanceaintdeadhere

To the Love of my life,

You are the best thing that ever happened to me. 

You are everything I hoped for and so much more:  

you are kind, honest, funny, smart, sexy, patient, 

and hard working.  

Thank you for building my “Happily Ever After” 

with your own two hands. 

There is no one else I’d rather grow old with…