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Meet the Author

Shari Snyder along with her husband, Todd, and teenage son, Andrew, is a tiny house dweller, designer, and builder. She is passionate about creating environmentally conscience tiny house communities that families will thrive in for years to come. As a wellness lifestyle coach of 17 years, her focus is on total wellness; body, soul, and spirit. Shari is the Chief Hope Giver for Hill Country Tiny Houses and Tiny Town Texas with a mission to help people downsize their space to enjoy more freedom, simplicity, and adventure.

WHAT’S NEXT for the Snyder Family?  

After downsizing from the large 4 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, and in-ground pool home, to live in the 390 square feet they built on HGTV, their passion is to educate the world on this high-quality, low-impact lifestyle inside Tiny Town Texas, more than a place to be, a place to belong.  Follow their journey as they design and develop beautiful, inspiring tiny home communities across the nation.  

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