Top 3/5 top Airbnb’s last year were tiny homes

Tiny Homes popularity on Airbnb growing exponentially!

Tiny houses have become some of the most popular Airbnb properties. “Today, there are more than 14,000 tiny homes on Airbnb.” Between 2017 and 2018, the number of people staying in tiny homes more than doubled. “Three of the top five most popular Airbnbs in the world are tiny homes.” 

“The beauty of tiny homes goes beyond the fact that every inch must be meticulously planned and designed,” Chesky says in the article. “These homes challenge our assumptions about how much space we need and open our eyes to what it means to leave a smaller footprint.”  

Tiny homes have become one of the most affordable and lucrative investment opportunities. The maintenance required is minimal and they still hold curiosity and are a novelty for most.

At Hill Country Tiny Houses, we are leading the movement by providing turn-key Airbnb tiny homes for investors, developers and landowners.  Todd and I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting families from all over in our tiny houses.

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