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Top 3 reasons to “Go Tiny”


  • Career Freedom – you no longer have to slave away at a job that you hate because you have high living costs.
  • Time Freedom – think of all the time you’ll save because you’ve downsized the space you have to clean, repair, and maintain.
  • Financial Freedom – stop stressing about your ever-growing pile of debt and live debt free. Own your home outright and stop spending your entire paycheck on housing expenses. Live tiny; live debt free.


  • Maintenance – with such a small space, the maintenance work is quick and easy! No more stressing over big fixes!
  • Lifestyle – living tiny truly is a lifestyle, and it’s a very simple one. There are far less moving parts to worry about and things to take care of.
  • Minimalism – own less stuff and experience freedom from choice. Tiny living forces you to be a minimalist which allows you to experience less stress, anxiety, and more happiness.


  • Travel – with lower living costs comes more savings. Savings you can use to finally take that European adventure you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Pioneering a Movement – Tiny Living is still a relatively new idea and you could join the movement that’s spreading like wildfire across the nation.
  • New Experience – tiny living is a novelty and can be so exciting. Every day is a new adventure and you have the power to chart your new life path.